Prosumer Enterprise Government
Unit Number
OG7480 – PRO OP3120 – PRO
OG7480 – ENT,  OP3120 – ENT OG7480 – MAG,  OP3120 – MAG
Purchase Purchase
Config 2 keyfobs + reduce BIOS Reduced ME 2 keyfobs + extended BIOS VPro support 2 keyfobs + extended BIOS VPro support
Remote Key Management* User can add/remove keys locally Remote key management Custom remote key management
Boot Key Design SHIFT Custom boot key Custom boot key
Availability September 1st, 2017 Q1, 2018 Contact authorized VAD
*Remote key management allows company to manage/add/remove keys on ORWL devices over their network Important! Please note the following:
  • Your Credit Card will not be charged until your unit(s) ship on or around September 1, 2017
  • Due to the way Pre-Orders work, you may only order multiples of the same ORWL Model
  • If you want to order additional ORWL models, please place as a separate order