Secure Infrastructure

Authenticating Access to a Digital World

ORWL addresses the growing challenges of securing infrastructures through hardware and software security layers built using strong protection and anti-tampering techniques.

Enterprises are looking for technologies to protect their own internal and customer-facing secure apps, linking these together to ensure these trusted data are protected even if the device is going through an attack.

Placing security at the heart

Protecting against increasingly sophisticated attacks, government, enterprise and carriers need a full range of advanced security tools that are complex to manage and deploy. Due to limited budget and shortage of cyber-security experts, they are more and more looking at smart devices able to detect attacks. Protecting consumer devices such as a desktop PC from malwares and cyberattacks is at the heart of today’s enterprises main concerns. ORWL, the Groundbreaking secure system holds the secret to a safer world!

Today we frequently observe that when a networked device without sufficient hardware security is hacked by an end-user, IP theft of the design can occur. Without hardware-based security, a user-accessible product can have its IP stolen. Access to management tools for critical infrastucture tamper is essential. Medium size businesses see the need for recognizing remotely an endpoint can be trusted.

[ORWL] is an Open Source project. It comes with two unique wireless access keyfobs that can switch on the device and boot. [ORWL] will lock if the user is out of a 10 meter range and will shut down if moved while unattended. If a tamper event is triggered, [ORWL] will erase the SSD encryption key, erase all access credentials and prevent the unit from restarting.

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