ORWL and Its Markets

ORWL is a desktop PC designed to provide the security needed against physical attacks, enabling new privacy and security applications in healthcare, financial, government and industrial infrastructures.

ORWL Product Segmentations

Prosumer Enterprise Government
Unit Number OG7480 – PROOP3120 – PRO OG7480 – ENT,  OP3120 – ENT OG7480 – MAG,  OP3120 – MAG
Config 2 keyfobs + reduce BIOS
Reduced ME
2 keyfobs + extended BIOS
VPro support
2 keyfobs + extended BIOS
VPro support
Remote Key Management* User can add/remove keys locally Remote key management Custom remote key management
Boot Key Design SHIFT Custom boot key Custom boot key
Assembly Taiwan / China Taiwan / China In country (MOQ TBD)
Availability September 1st, 2017 Q1, 2018 Contact authorized VAD

*Remote key management allows company to manage/add/remove keys on ORWL devices over their network

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