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Healthcare Data: The Backdoor for Hackers

Personal computers are the preferred method to access critical services and as a management tool as part of the “Internet of Things” (IoT). Sensitive personal information is being accessed, stored and managed on a growing range of devices.

Criminals are aware of the value of this data – which affects a wide range of health industries and sectors. These criminals are intelligent and highly resourceful and able to exploit weaknesses in platforms, operating systems and applications.

Technology infrastructure in the healthcare realm requires secure and effective systems to meet its most significant challenges. Developing, deploying and using information technology that is both secure and genuinely effective in the complex clinical, organizational, and economic environment of healthcare is a significant challenge. This project’s multidisciplinary approach will develop and analyze information-sharing technology that ensures security and privacy while meeting the pragmatic needs of patients, clinical staff, and healthcare organizations to deliver efficient, high-quality care.

[ORWL] is a new category of desktop computer designed using best in class technologies to secure data requiring both a physical key and a password to be accessed. With a cryptographic processor and embedded Roots of Trust (RoT), [ORWL] is a tamperproof endpoint security platform that will protect your corporate information, assets and sensitive. [ORWL] is hence helping the healthcare industry met some of its most significant challenges by locking sensitive data.

ORWL prevents physical and logical attacks and safely guards health records.

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