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Security at an Early Stage in the Design Process

To protect government agencies and the military, developers need to consider security early in the development process. To do so, they need to ensure that hardware security checks have been applied to their devices to secure them from any potential leak of sensitive data, with a solid foundation from which to build the security layers.

Criminals are aware of the value of this data – which affects a wide range of industries and sectors. These criminals are intelligent and highly resourceful and able to exploit weaknesses in Platforms, Operating Systems and Hardware. ORWL delivers Core technologies into a comprehensive package. ORWL devices are regularly subjected to extensive penetration and attack testing by external security labs ensuring the devices are at the forefront of countermeasures.

The security challenge for government agencies is twofold: Threats can come externally or from within. Data leakage and network instability can have disastrous consequences, regardless of their origin. Therefore, security must be implemented to block entry of unauthorized users and prohibit the leakage of confidential data. Users may open doors to external threats by using unauthorized or unpatched software that allows hackers entry onto the system. Employees may routinely transfer sensitive data onto removable devices (such as USB flash drives). If the data has not been encrypted, the consequences are more serious.

[ORWL] brings security protocols and state-of-the-art authentication technologies to the personal computer for the first time. It is physical, bank-level information security for everyone. [ORWL] adds two-factor boot authentication to a compact, portable PC. That means you need both a physical key and a password just to power [ORWL] on.

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