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Financial Services – Root of Trust for Encrypted Data

Banking and financial services enable users to store money, transfer funds and make placements in an environment where privacy and security are a must. In addition there are new sophisticated services including insurance, and wealth management which needs advanced security.

ORWL is a powerful tool to protect your data. The algorithms within actively protects the data and the device itself. The device will be left untouched from malicious attacks.

Security remains the top concern for consumers who are thinking about banking or making financial transactions on their PCs.
Risk teams in any financial Institution need to understand and manage the real risks of tampering with data and then do a good job of reassuring consumers that their devices are secure. ORWL prevents vulnerabilities and will block illicit access to the data stored on the device.

Cybersecurity departments for major financial organizations face major challenges. Threats from cybercrime have increased and legacy IT systems are increasingly becoming a risk factor, especially in the financial industry. Many financial organizations rely on legacy IT systems that are expensive to maintain, and still vulnerable.

[ORWL] has been designed to be the most advanced secured device on the market. Its glass case is a 3D honeycomb, tamper-proof, active mesh shell protects the unique key of the computer.
If there is an attempt to break in or alter the mesh, the microcontroller will instantly erase the key to all the data inside [ORWL].

We see that traditional IT protection tools have real risks:
– Anti-malware, anti-virus are notoriously difficult to manage, even when an enterprise owns the device
– The one constant on which financial services can rely is the shield ORWL creates and maintains. ORWL’s proven security solutions makes the device self-defending against malicious attacks.

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