August 10th, 2017 | Menlo Park, CA

Cybersecurity market to benefit from this new Groundbreaking Secure System

Design SHIFT, building digital security, today announces it has started shipping ORWL, its groundbreaking open source secure system for applications requiring high level of security and privacy.

“We have reached a new milestone in the deployment of our hardware security innovation. This indicates to me that we are at the bend of the hockey stick as more and more organizations begin to integrate security functionalities into their infrastructures,” said Olivier Boireau, CEO of Design SHIFT.

Thales 2017 Data Threat Report Surveys show that 73{af05a510671bcd3e2edf88672a94eb8010c3609933ce5fcf8e357150c13c2d00} of respondents anticipate security spending increases in the next 12 months. A sharp increase from 58{af05a510671bcd3e2edf88672a94eb8010c3609933ce5fcf8e357150c13c2d00} last year. It states 3 essentials facts: over the last few years, there was recurring cyber-attacks in various markets; Data stored are valuable and need ultimate security ; Hardware is the building block of this security.

“Anticipation in the market is also high as major corporates indicate their intentions to include hardware security in their systems this year, and we will see more products shipped this year and especially next,” continues to say Mr. Boireau.

Design SHIFT has long played a leading role in hardware security innovation, including the ownership of several essential patents.

ORWL provides the security needed against physical attacks, enabling new privacy and security applications in healthcare, financial, government and industrial infrastructures. The security is based on two subsystems: the security subsystem is in control of supplying power and managing encryption key/access control, and the PC subsystem provides the standard computing environment.

Manufacturing of the device is handled by Quanta Computers giving flexibility on the quantities of ORWL devices produced.

Press contact:

Design SHIFT
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Geraldine Sauniere
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