September 27, 2017 | Menlo Park, CA and La Ciotat, France

Design Shift and Alcineo Partner to Offer the Ultimate Protection of Critical Data
An Alliance between Software and Hardware to strengthen security levels

Design SHIFT, building digital security, and Alcineo today announced their partnership delivering protection of critical data based on a secure hardware platform and software data encryption with a remote key management system. It is frequently observed that when a networked device without sufficient hardware security is hacked by an end-user, IP theft of the design can occur. Without hardware-based security, a user-accessible product can have its IP stolen. Access to management tools for critical infrastructure tamper is essential. Businesses see the need for recognizing remotely an endpoint can be trusted. Design SHIFT’s [ORWL] has been designed to be the most advanced secured device on the market. Alcineo’s software modular approach, based on Data encryption and Identity and Access Rights Management enable to easily and remotely manage access keys ; generate or revoke keys in real time, authenticate keys to ensure ID user integrity. “In this context of fraud attempts rising, it is crucial for organizations to protect their network and critical data from hackers. The combination of [ORWL]’s security features and Alcinéo’s software solution allows businesses to obtain a high-end level of security.“ said Arnaud Corria, CEO at Alcinéo.

“Today’s announcement with Alcineo is another solid step in our journey to build on our foundation in secure endpoint devices and become a leader in the new secure endpoints-plus era,” said Olivier Boireau, CEO of Design SHIFT. “This partnership will help us fully deliver on our strategy by giving us strong back-end capabilities and business foundation, in addition to our already strong position with [ORWL]. Alcineo is the perfect partner to help us fully realize this opportunity in the long term.”

With this partnership, Design SHIFT and Alcineo offer today the market a valid Hardware and Software solution for secure data protection.

ORWL is a unique new category of security endpoint designed for banking technologies to protect sensitive data. ORWL requires two factors of authentication, a key and a password. It protects against physical attacks and will erase the SSD encryption key if tampered with, enabling new privacy and security applications. The innovation offers physical protection in a consumer computer available to the mass market. ORWL runs many standard OS out of the box, it is open source. The security is based on two subsystems: the security subsystem is in control of supplying power and managing encryption key/access control, and the PC subsystem provides the standard computing environment.

About Alcinéo
Alcinéo is specialized in the development of embedded software for banking and security. Our product portfolio count up with security oriented solutions, all compliant with international standards requirements. Alcinéo’s Logical Access software is based on the most advanced cryptographic technologies. From end-to-end encryption to remote logical access management, the solution offers enhanced protection for organizations’ critical data.
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